Working groups papers

Since 2019, the LIDC created “transnational working groups” on hot topics of interest for the national groups of the LIDC.

Particularly, on 2019, the LIDC created a working group on parallel import.

The purpose of the working group was to share knowledge and initiate a discussion between members of national groups on this question.

The topics for discussion were the following:

  • 1) Protection against parallel import
  • 2) Geo-blocking
    You will find here the research note on geo-blocking. This paper was prepared by Noel Watson Doig and summarizes the contributions received from participants to the LIDC working group on geo-blocking.

  • 3) Special issues in parallel import with digital products

  • 4) Other cross-border issues such as the extraterritorial reach of competition laws and IP rights and general issues related to applicable law

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