Scientific Committee

The LIDC Scientific Committee meets several times a year to examine and select the questions to be discussed at the LIDC annual congress. The Scientific Committee selects the proposed questions on the basis of national groups proposals.

The current members of the Scientific Committee are:

  • Thomas Hoeren
  • Gusztav Bacher
  • Grégory Sorreaux
  • Daniel Kraus
  • Henning-Bodewig Frauke
  • Barakonyi, Zoltan
  • Anne Servoir
  • Paul Buta
  • Enrico Adriano Raffaelli
  • Muriel Chagny
  • Michele Carpagnano
  • Nicolas Petit
  • Anselm Kamperman Sanders
  • Tihamer Toth
  • Michael Brown
  • David USA
  • Collette Rawnsley
  • Julia Suderow
  • Andrea Zinober George Peretz