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The International League of Competition Law (LIDC) is a long standing association which focuses on the study of competition (antitrust) law, intellectual property law and unfair competition, both at the national and international levels. It promotes mainly the principles of fairness and justice in competitive trade. 

At the Paris Congress, which took place in 7-10 November 2019, the League has elected the General Rapporteur, Thomas Hoeren (Germany), the Deputy General Rapporteur, Collette Rawnsley (United-Kingdom), the Treasurer, Marianne Decker (Luxembourg), the Deputy Treasurer, Cecilia Torelm (Nordic group) and the Communication Officer, Ottavia Raffaelli (Italy). 

National groups members of the League 

Next Congress : October 2020 - Congress in Bruxelles

We have the pleasure to inform you that the next LIDC Congress will be held in Brussels from 15th to 18th October 2020.

The questions that will be discussed are the following :

Question A : "Tasks and competences of national competition law authorities in a data driven society"

For Question, A the international reporter is Jens Gaster, policy officer at the European Commission.

Question B : Influencers, native advertising and the use of AI for marketing - how can it be controlled by law? 

For Question B, the international reporter is Marta Delgado Echevarría, Partner at JONES DAY (


National Rapporteurs

Instructions for publication
Springer instructions

National Rapporteurs - Question A

International Questionnaire - 

Brazil: Mr. Raul Murad Ribeiro de Castro 

Hungary: Judit Firniksz

UK: Christopher Bellamy QC

Ukraine: Serhiy Shershun and collegues 


National Rapporteurs - Question B

International Questionnaire - 

Brazil : Mr. Felipe Barros Oquendo

Germany: Thomas Hoeren

Hungary: Adam Liber

Spain: Dr. Anna María Ruiz Martín

UK: Sean Ibbetson

Past Congress : November 2019 - Congress in Paris



The French Association for the Study of Competition and the International League of Competition Law invited you to Paris from 7 to 10 November 2019 for the LIDC's annual congress.

The questions that will be addressed by the international reporters during the Paris Congress will be:

Question A:To what extent should competition law be concerned with differences in prices, terms and conditions, or quality offered by suppliers to different purchasers

International RapporteursChristophe Lemaire and David Sevy 

Question B:Should there be legal restrictions on the ability of persons who claim, without sufficient justification, to hold IP rights that have been infringed to bring, or to threaten to bring, legal proceedings based on such claims against their competitors or others?

International RapporteurMark Anderson


National Rapporteurs

Instructions for publication
Springer instructions

National Rapporteurs - Question A

International Questionnaire - Draft international report 

Austria: Gerhard Fussenegger - Report 

Belgium: Daniel Muheme - Report 

Brasil: Joao Marcelo de Lima Assafim - Report 

France: Thierry BoillotMathilde BoudouNizar LajnefJean-Julien LemonnierThibaut MarcerouLauren Mechri and Remi Prades - Report 

Germany: Thomas Hoeren - Report 

Hungary: András Horváth and Péter Virág - Report 

Italy: Elisa Teti - Report 

Japan: Izumi Hayashi - Report 

Spain: Manuel Cañadas, Anna Ruiz MartinJulia Suderow, Maritza Iliana Núñez Osorioand Amaya Angulo - Report 

Switerland: Bernhard C. Lauterburg - Rapport 

Ukraine: Serhiy Shershun and Anna Garbar - Report 

UK: Sylwester Frazzoni - Report 


National Rapporteurs - Question B

International Questionnaire - International Report and Resolution 

Austria: Michael Meyenburg - Report 

Belgium: Sam Granata and Amandine Léonard - Report 

Brasil: Felipe Oquendo - Report

France: Martina IsolaAnne ServoirMarc LauzeralGuillaume MelotPETROV Petar Georgiev and Claire Vannini - Report 

HungaryZsófia Lendvai - Report

Italy: Marina Cristofori - Report

Spain: Vanessa Jimenez Serranía - Report

UK: Christopher Stothers - Report

LIDC Webinars

The LIDC hold, on 5 November 2019 at 13.00 (continental time), a lunchtime webinar jointly with the English Competition Law Association (CLA) and the Association Française d'Etude de la Concurrence (AFEC). 

Claudia Desogus and Lourenco Ventura have kindly agreed to speak on the following subject: "Excessive Pricing Cases in the UK and Italy"

The session was moderated by Frederic Jenny 


 Events regarding antitrust issues, intellectual property and unfair competition

Business Law Forum, 20-21 September, Vienna, organised by UIA in cooperation with the LIDC

The Forum will address the legal challenges related to e-commerce and platform economy. The topics will be discussed from various legal perspectives, including of antitrust, unfair competition, data protection, labour and corporate, and even criminal – to name just a few.

Members of LIDC national groups and individual LIDC members enjoy preferential rates. Early bird until 20 August!

Program and registration available here


Competition law and technology transfer - Lizenzkartellrecht, 28 August, Zurich, Switzerland

The Swiss association of competition law (ASAS, the LIDC national group) is pleased to invite you to a conference on technology transfer and competition law.

Members of LIDC national groups and individual LIDC members may register at the preferential rate applicable to ASAS members.




Other activities of the National groups associations can be found on their websites :

Austrian Group
Belgian Group 
French Group
Luxemburgian Group
Swiss Group
UK Group



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