The LIDC is a Swiss association governed by Article 60 et seq. of the Swiss Civil Code with its registered office in Geneva and its administrative office in Lausanne.

The organs of the association are the General Assembly, the Council and the Bureau.

Statutes of the Association

The LIDC’s Statutes are the primary LIDC governing document that provide the general framework for the association’s functioning. The Bylaws / Statutes govern the actions and decisions of the LIDC Bureau and Council.

LIDC Bureau

The LIDC Bureau is entrusted with the LIDC’s day-to-day management and the preparation of the Council meetings. The Bureau acts under the authority of the President and the Secretary General.

The Bureau comprises the President, the First Vice President, the Vice Presidents, the former President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer General and the Reporter General and their deputies as well as the person responsible for Publications and the person responsible for Communications.

The Bureau is currently composed as follows:

Christophe Rapin

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Zoltan Barakonyi
First Vice-President

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Catrina Lam
Hong Kong

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Felipe Barros Oquendo

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Carmen Verdonck
Past President

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Collette Rawnsley
General Rapporteur

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Muriel Chagny
Deputy General Rapporteur

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Michel Ponsard
General Secretary


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Nathalie Lobel-Lastman
Deputy General Secretary


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Marianne Decker

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Cecilia Torelm 
Deputy Treasurer

Nordic Group

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Pranvera Këllezi
Responsible for Publications


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Ottavia Raffaelli
Responsible for Communication


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LIDC Council

The Council is composed of the members of the Bureau, of the Presidents of the National Groups and the former LIDC presidents.

The current Presidents of National groups are:

  • Austria
    Michael Meyenburg
  • Belgium
    Charles Gheur  
  • Brazil
    Paulo Parente Marques Mendes 
  • Czech Republic
    Jan Hák
  • France
    Muriel Chagny 
  • Germany
    Reiner Münker
  • Hong Kong
    Catrina Lam
  • Hungary
    Zoltán Hegymegi Barakonyi
  • Italy
    Giuseppe Sena
  • Japan
    Shinichiro Tanaka
  • Luxembourg
    Gabriel Bleser
  • Nordic Group
    (Danemark, Norway, Sweden)
    Giovanni Gozzo 
  • Switzerland
    Hubert Orso Gilliéron
  • UK
    James Flynn

The former LIDC presidents are:

  • Carmen Verdonck, Belgium
  • José Antonio Faria Correa, Brazil
  • Michael Mayenburg, Austria
  • Gusztav Bacher, Hungary
  • Mary-claude Mitchell, France
  • Marco Francetti, Italy
  • Wolfgang Rehmann, Germany
  • Kamen Troller, Honorary President, Switzerland
  • Claude Delcorde, Belgium
  • Mr Christopher Morcom QC, Honorary President, UK
  • Dr Peter Pöch, Austria
  • Ludwig Linder, Germany
  • Dr. Charles Gielen, Netherlands

General Assembly

The General Assembly is the supreme power within the LIDC. It includes all members. 

The Ordinary Meeting of the General Assembly takes place once a year, at the end of the annual Congress.

General Assembly Minutes

Several minutes of previous General Assemblies are available below:

  • Paris, November 2019;
  • Budapest, October 2018;
  • Rio de Janeiro, October 7, 2017;
  • Geneva, October 8, 2016;
  • Stockholm, October 2015;
  • Torino, September 2014;
  • Kiev, September 2013;
  • Prague, October 2012;
  • Oxford, September 2011;
  • Bordeaux, October 2010;
  • Vienna, October 2009;
  • Hamburg, September 2008;
  • Catania, October 2007;
  • Amsterdam, September 2006.