LIDC congress 2024 in London – 7/9 November

The LIDC Congress 2024 will be held in London from 7 until 9 November 2024 :

New Legal Order

Antitrust, IP and data regulation in a deglobalized world

We are glad to inform you that the questions to be discussed during the London congress are as follows :

  • Question A: What progress has been made, and is still to be made, in the compensation for harm caused by any infringement of competition law ? 

(Ten years after and beyond the Damages Directive, it is time to provide a critical look but also to make proposals from a legal and economic point of view.

Even if it is the time of an anniversary in EU, the QA is much broader than an assessment of the directive and its implementation, for several reasons.

In many countries, there have not yet been many court rulings applying the new provisions ;  for temporal application reasons, many rulings are based on national law predating the directive. In addition, the directive does not provide for everything and does not address some difficulties such as causal link. Consequently, it is not a EU Question and it involves all our members whether or not they belong to the EU)

We are pleased to confirm that we have already appointed Andras M. Horvath (Baker McKenzie) as International Rapporteur for the Question A ( and that the international rapporteur for question B should be appointed shortly.

  • Question B:  How should we approach copycat packaging ? 

Do registered designs file against copycats and on what legal basis (IP and/or Unfair Competition Law)?

Context to be updated