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The International League of Competition Law (LIDC) 
is a long-standing international association, which was created in 1930. The LIDC focuses on the study of competition law, intellectual property law and unfair competition law. It is a unique platform for exchanging and developing ideas and knowledge on the intersection of competition, intellectual property and unfair competition laws, both at national level and in an international setting.

The LIDC’s is constituted by National Groups that agree with the LIDC’s purposes and participate in its activities. Individual members from countries where no national group is currently constituted can also become an LIDC member.

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What's next?

Upcoming activities
Next congress
Congress in Brussels 2021 - The next LIDC Congress will be held from 22-24 September 2021
The questions that will be discussed during the Congress are the following: Question A - "Tasks and competences of national competition law authorities in a data driven society" and Question B: "Influencers, native advertising and the use of AI for marketing - how can it be controlled by law?".   Go to website here :    
LIDC Webinars serie
Automotive industry and Competition Law
The LIDC will be holding a lunchtime webinar before the summer on the interactions between the Automotive industry and Competition law.      
Events organized by the national groups
@partés de l’@fec - On Tuesday 13 April 2021
On Tuesday 13 April 2021, Olivier Guersent, Director General for Competition at the European Commission, intervened during a conference organised by the French group of the LIDC (AFEC) on the following topic "The European Commission's competition actions in the digital economy".