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The International League of Competition Law (LIDC) is a long standing association which focuses on the study of competition (antitrust) law, intellectual property law and unfair competition, both at the national and international levels. It promotes mainly the principles of fairness and justice in competitive trade. 

At the Torino Congress, which took place in September 18-21, 2014, the League has elected the New President, Michael Meyenburg (Austria), the First Vice-President José Antonio Faria Correa (Brazil), two Vice-Presidents, Elizabeth Eklund (Sweden), Reiner Münker (Germany) and the Deputy General Secretary, Celia Davidson (UK). 

National groups members of the League 

2016 - Congress in Geneva - 6-9 October


Question A : "In the case of pharmaceuticals, in what way should the application of the competition rules be affected by the specific characteristics of those products and markets (including consumer protection rules, the need to promote innovation, the need to protect public budgets, and other public interest considerations)?” ?

Rapporteur International : Stepen Dnes, Dundee University (GB)

Question B : “What rules should govern claims by suppliers about the national or geographic origin of their goods or services ?”

Rapporteur International :  Simon Holzer Meyerlustenberger - Lachenal (Switzerland)


@lert LIDC

The LIDC publishes an @lert LIDC, a periodic newsletter showcasing an overview of issues pertaining to the various branches of competition law, as well as IP and unfair commercial practices.
First Issue - December 2014

Events regarding antitrust issues, intellectual property and unfair competition

Paris - February 13, 2016 - "Actualité 2015 du Droit de Concurrence"

Brussels - February 4, 2016 -  Le “Paquet marques” – Jurisprudence communautaire récente en matière de marques – Jurisprudence belge récente en matière de brevets et de protection des secrets d’affaires– Droits fondamentaux et droits intellectuels

Vienna - 11-12 March 2016 : Current Trends in StartUps and Crowd Financing - Registration form

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