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Compatibility of Transactional Resolutions of Antitrust Proceedings with Due Process and Fundamental Rights & Online Exhaustion of IP Rights - Bruce Kilpatrick, Pierre Kobel, Pranvera Këllezi
  • Provides an analysis of two "hot topics" in the field of antitrust and unfair competition law
  • Includes resolutions passed by the General Assembly of the LIDC following a discussion on each of these topics
  • Including proposed solutions and recommendations
  • Identifies general trends and highlights the differences between and most interesting features of national regulations in the relevant fields
Antitrust in the Groceries Sector & Liability Issues in Relation to Corporate Social Responsibility - Pierre Kobel, Pranvera Këllezi, Bruce Kilpatrick
The book provides an analysis of the grocery retail market in a very large number of countries with an international report written by an economist. The second part of the book offers the analysis of liability issues in relation to non-compliance with CSRs with an international report by a British barrister. Both topics are very timely.
Antitrust for Small and Middle Size Undertakings and Image Protection from Non-Competitors - Pranvera Këllezi, Bruce Kilpatrick, Pierre Kobel
This publication provides an unparalleled comparative analysis of two "hot topics" in the field of antitrust and unfair competition laws with regard to a number of key countries. The first part of the book examines whether small and middle-sized businesses could or should be subject to specific competition rules. These businesses account for 99% of the enterprises in Europe and the United States, making this a particularly important topic. The papers consider both the public and private enforcement rules across a range of jurisdictions and a detailed international report, prepared by Michele Carpagnano, identifies general trends and highlights differences and the most interesting features of national regulations.   ...}