Szilvási Evelin

PwC Hungary

Job title

English, German

Unfair Competition

Work experience
PwC Global Incentives Services (Associate, R&D Expert 2023-present) | Hungarian Competition Authority (Advisor at Vice President’s Office 2021-2023) | NGL Symbio Law Alliance (Legal Trainee 2020-2021)

Pázmány Péter Catholic University Faculty of Law (2024) | Thesis – Digital Markets Act (excellent mark) "In the shadow of the gatekeepers – The grey areas of the Digital Markets Act from the perspective of non-gatekeepers" (competition law, digital health, AI)

Publications, conferences, etc.
GVH Versenytükör | Közbeszerzési Értesítő Plusz: On the importance of accelerated sector inquiries (co-author: László Bak, Vice President of Hungarian Competition Authority) | First place OTDK and TDK Competition Law Section - 36th National Scientific Student Associations’ Conference (OTDK) - Scientific Student Associations’ Conference (TDK) (mentors: Judit Firniksz, Pál Szilágyi, László Bak, Tihamér Tóth)

Affiliations (other associations, etc.)
Hungarian Competition Association | International League of Competition Law | Hungarian Economic Society | Hungarian Health Economics Association

Quote on belonging to LIDC?
I am thankful to my competition law mentor, Judit Firniksz who drew my attention to LIDC and NexGen. I consider the task and goal that our Association has set very important, especially in order to analyze competition law regulations, the work of legislators and law enforcers, and to maintain communication and exchange of ideas between the youth of the nations.