Kianzad Behrang

University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, Center for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law

Job title

English, German

Antitrust, Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition

Work experience
Behrang Kianzad holds a Master of Laws / LLM from Lund University, Sweden, and is a PhD-fellow at Center of Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law, Copenhagen University (dissertation due February 2021). He teaches EU Intellectual Property Law, EU Competition Law, Life Science Law and Health and Human Rights. His research interests include Law and Economics, Legal Philosophy, Legal History, EU Competition Law and EU Intellectual Property Law. His main research topics deal with the intersection of Intellectual Property and Competition Law, specifically in regards to pharmaceutical markets and excessive pricing. He has presented his research and held expert meetings at WHO, MSF, WTO/WIPO IP Researchers Meeting , World Intellectual Property Forum and numerous law and economic conferences around Europe. His publications are found at Springer, Oxford University Press and some of the leading Competition Law and IP Law journals. He is also a peer reviewer for European Journal of Law

Affiliations (other associations, etc.)
AIPPI TRIPS Committee Member