Cristofori Marina

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+39 3387969535

Jacobacci & Associati

Job title


Intellectual Property, Unfair Competition

Work experience
Has been working at Jacobacci & Associates Law Firm since 2009, after a period in a London based Law Firm.

Graduated with honors from the University of Bologna in 2009 and admitted to the Milan Bar in 2012. Attended a Postgraduate course at Harvardx University on Contract Law (2020). Currently attending a Postgraduate Course on the European Unitary Patent at the University of Milan.

Publications, conferences, etc.
Publications: "Competition Law Analysis of Price and Non-price Discrimination & Abusive IP Based Legal Proceedings" - Italian chapter, Springer, 2021. Conferencse: - Lecturer for for the Master's degree in Technology and Innovation Management organized by Bologna Business School; - Lecturer for a Master in Business Law organized by Gestione & Management s.r.l.

Affiliations (other associations, etc.)
INDICAM, the Italian Anti-Counterfeiting Associations.

Quote on belonging to LIDC?
"The world is a book and those who do not travel only know one page of it" said the philosopher Sant'Agostino. I believe that the greatest advantage of belonging to Lidc is the exchange and mutual enrichment for a common goal which is knowledge.