ARCON’s new event – VBER Modernization


ARCON – Romanian Association of Competition Law – in partnership with Universul Juridic Publishing House are delighted to invite all LIDC members to our next event, namely “VBER Modernization”. 

Moderator: Anca Buta Mușat, Chair and Founding Member ARCON


Filip Tuytschaever – Professor of EU Competition Law, Law Faculty of the University of Brussels (VUB)

Paul Bridgeland – European Commission, Directorate-General for Competition

Bogdan Chirițoiu – President of Romanian Competition Council


  • What are the substantial changes that will shape how businesses design their vertical agreements;
  • What are the competition authorities’ priorities under the new legal framework;
  • New VBER alongside the Vertical Guidelines – what to expect on short and long terms.


September 20, 4:30 PM CET

For ARCON or LIDC members registration is free. Please register by sending an e-mail confirming your participation to

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