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BARCELONA (October 2003)

Question 1 : Do professional organizations in charge of the rules concerning the practice of liberal professions have to comply with competition law ? If so, do they benefit or should they benefit from the exemptions ? resolution, international report 

Question 2 : What are the advantages and disadvantages of the existence of a specific procedure of cessation of unfair competition practises? Is it advisable to introduce such a procedure or harmonize existing procedures? What should be the conditions and consequences? resolutioninternational report 

Question 3 : Can the exercise of copyright or related rights constitute an abuse of dominant market position and if so in what circumstances? resolution, international report  ? resolutioninternational report 

Question 4 : To what extent and under what conditions can the enforcement of criminal sentences for individuals and their possible application to companies increase the efficiency of competition law ?resolutioninternational report

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