Rapports Genève 2016Rapports Nationaux  Genèvef2016 - Question A

Question A : "In the case of pharmaceuticals, in what way should the application of the competition rules be affected by the specific characteristics of those products and markets (including consumer protection rules, the need to promote innovation, the need to protect public budgets, and other public interest considerations)?”

International Rapporteur  : Stepen Dnes, Dundee University (GB)

Questionnaire - International Report - Resolution

National Reports A

- Australian report
- Austrian report
- Belgium report
- Brazilian Report
Czech report
- Dutch report
- French report
- German report
- Indian report
- Italian Report
- Swedish report
- Swiss report
- UK Report
- Ukrainian report


Rapports nationau Genève  2016 - Question B

Question B : “What rules should govern claims by suppliers about the national or geographic origin of their goods or services ?”

International Rapporteur  :  Simon Holzer, Meyerlustenberger - Lachenal (Switzerland)

Questionnaire - Rapport International - Resolution

- Austria
Belgium report
Brazilian report
- Czech report
French report
- German report
- Hungarian report
- Italian report
- Japanese report
Malta report
- Ukrainian report


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