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Transnational Working Groups

Since 2019, the LIDC created "transnational working groups" on hot topics of interest for the  national groups members of the LIDC. 

Working Group on parallel import - 2019

On 2019, the LIDC created a working group on parallel import.

The purpose of the working group was to share knowledge and initiate a discussion between members of national groups on this question. 

The topics for discussion were the following: 

1) Protection against parallel import

2) Geo-blocking

You will find here the research note on geoblocking. This paper was prepared by Noel Watson Doig and summarizes the contributions received from participants to the LIDC working group on geo-blocking. 

3) Special issues in parallel import with digital products 

4) Other cross-border issues such as the extraterritorial reach of competition laws and IP rights and general issues related to applicable law



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