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7-11 November 2019 - Congress in Paris

The French Association for the Study of Competition and the International League of Competition Law organised a Congress in Paris from 7 to 10 November 2019 for the LIDC's annual congress.

The questions that were addressed by the international reporters during the Paris Congress will be:

Question A: “To what extent should competition law be concerned with differences in prices, terms and conditions, or quality offered by suppliers to different purchasers

International RapporteursChristophe Lemaire and David Sevy 

Question B: “Should there be legal restrictions on the ability of persons who claim, without sufficient justification, to hold IP rights that have been infringed to bring, or to threaten to bring, legal proceedings based on such claims against their competitors or others?

International RapporteurMark Anderson


National Rapporteurs

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National Rapporteurs - Question A

International Questionnaire - Draft international report

Austria: Gerhard Fussenegger - Report 

Belgium: Daniel Muheme - Report 

Brasil: Joao Marcelo de Lima Assafim - Report 

France: Thierry BoillotMathilde BoudouNizar LajnefJean-Julien LemonnierThibaut MarcerouLauren Mechri and Remi Prades - Report 

Germany: Thomas Hoeren - Report 

Hungary: András Horváth and Péter Virág - Report 

Italy: Elisa Teti Report 

Japan: Izumi Hayashi - Report 

Spain: Manuel CañadasAnna Ruiz MartinJulia Suderow, Maritza Iliana Núñez Osorioand Amaya Angulo - Report 

Switerland: Bernhard C. Lauterburg - Report

Ukraine: Serhiy Shershun and Anna Garbar - Report 

UK: Sylwester Frazzoni - Report 


National Rapporteurs - Question B

International Questionnaire - International Report and Resolution

Austria: Michael Meyenburg - Report 

Belgium: Sam Granata and Amandine Léonard - Report 

Brasil: Felipe Oquendo - Report

France: Martina IsolaAnne ServoirMarc LauzeralGuillaume MelotPETROV Petar Georgiev and Claire Vannini Report 

Hungary: Zsófia Lendvai Report

Italy: Marina Cristofori - Report

Spain: Vanessa Jimenez Serranía - Report

UK: Christopher Stothers - Report

4-7 October 2018 - Budapest


Question A: "Who is/should be liable for breaches of competition law: which rules should govern the attribution of civil and (where it exists) criminal liability to the company, parent company, management & employee?"

International RapporteurTihamér Toth

Question B: "How can the holder of intellectual property rights protect its brands in the context of on- and off-line distribution and after-sales service, and does the existing framework for such protection strike a fair balance between the interests of rights holders and the interests of consumers?"

International RapporteurNikolas Guggenberger


National Rapporteurs

Instructions for publication
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National Rapporteurs - Question A

International Questionnaire - Resolution

Autriche: Florian Schuhmacher
Belgique: Isabel Rooms - Gert-Jan HendrixPhilippe Jonckheere
Brésil: Joao Marcelo de Lima Assafim
France: Mathilde BoudouThierry BoillotMuriel ChagnyNizar LajnefLauren MechriGuillaume MelotMaud BoukhrisMartina Isola

Allemagne: Carsten Konig

Hong Kong : Catrina LamCherry XuTommy Cheung

Hongrie :  Hargita Árpád and Marosi Zoltán
Italie:  Ottavia Raffaelli and Michele Franzosi 
Suède: Helen Andersson

Suisse: Suzan Hacisalihzade
UK : Richard Jenkinson 

Ukraine:  Serhiy Shershund and Bohdan Ilchenko


National Rapporteurs - Question B

International Questionnaire - Resolution 

Austria : Andrea Zinober
Belgium : Richard Steppe
Brazil : Felipe Oquendo
Czech Republic : Radka MacGregor Pelikánová

France : Linda ArcelinJean-Philippe ArroyoJean Louis FourgouxMarc LauzeralThibaut Marcerou and Anne Servoir 

Hungary : Szakács Eszter

Hong Kong: Winnie TamStephanie Wong
Italy : Marco Francetti
Romania: Paul Buta

Spain: Anna María Ruiz Martin and Vanessa Jiménez

Sweden: Johanna Spjuth

Switzerland : Pierre Kobel
UK : Collette Rawnsley


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