Ruiz Dr Anna

Geneva Business School

Job title

English, French, German

Antitrust, Unfair Competition

Work experience
Lecturer in Law and Research Fellow at Geneva Business School (GBS); Lecturer in Law at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC); Legal Counsel at Diana Carrillo Abogados; Legal Counsel at Laminar Pharma S.L.; Rapporteur OXIO OUP (Oxford University Press)

PhD in European Private International law (Cross border unfair competition).

Affiliations (other associations, etc.)
Member of the European Association of Private International law (EAPIL); Member of the European Network of Private International Law (Red Europea de Derecho internacional); Member of the Spanish Academic Network of Competition law (RADC); Member of the Madrid Bar Association (Qualified Solicitor) (ICAM) Member of the International Competition Network (ICN); Member of the Osservatorio Antitrust