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The main members of the LIDC are National and Regional Groups that agree with the purposes of the League in taking part to its activities. 

Every year, the LIDC organises an international Congress to study two questions related to competition (antitrust) law, intellectual property law and/or unfair competition. National and Regional Groups write a national report on each question. The national reports constitute the basis of an in-depth international report discussed during the Congress to finally adopt a resolution proposed by the International Reporter. The resolutions, adopted during the General Assembly, propose solutions relating to the question debated and suggest recommendations which are sent to national and international authorities. 

You will find national and international reports and resolutions of the congresses under publications.

Events as regards antitrust, unfair competition, intellectual property

Congress in Rio - 5-8 October 2017 -  Progamme and registration

 Webinar CLA-AFEC-LIDC - 17 January 2017 - Recent Developments in Private Actions: the perspective from the UK, Netherlands and France

Other activities of the National groups associations can be found on their website 

Austrian Group
Belgian Group 
French Group
Luxemburgian Group
Swiss Group
UK GroupPubli


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