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Next Congress: 4-7 October 2018 - Budapest

The Next LIDC Congress will take place in Budapest between 4 and 7 October 2018

Question A: "Who is/should be liable for breaches of competition law: which rules should govern the attribution of civil and (where it exists) criminal liability to the company, parent company, management & employee?"

International RapporteurTihamér Toth

Question B: "How can the holder of intellectual property rights protect its brands in the context of on- and off-line distribution and after-sales service, and does the existing framework for such protection strike a fair balance between the interests of rights holders and the interests of consumers?"

International RapporteurNikolas Guggenberger


National Rapporteurs

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National Rapporteurs - Question A

International Questionnaire

Australia :  
AustriaFlorian Schuhmacher
Brazil : 
France : Mathilde Boudou, Thierry Boillot, Muriel Chagny and Nizar Lajnef
Germany: Carsten Konig
Hungary :  Hargita Árpád and Marosi Zoltán
Italy:  Ottavia Raffaelli & Michele Franzosi 
Luxemburg : 
Spain : 
UK : Richard Jenkinson


National Rapporteurs - Question B

International Questionnaire

Austria Andrea Zinober
Belgium : 
Brazil : 
Czech Republic : 
France : Linda Arcelin, Jean-Philippe Arroyo, Jean Louis Fourgoux, Marc Lauzeral, Thibaut Marcerou and Anne Servoir
Hungary Szakács Eszter
Italy : Marco Francetti

Sweden: Johanna Spjuth

Switzerland : Pierre Kobel
UK Collette Rawnsley

Past Congress: 5-8 October 2017 - Rio de Janeiro

Question A : "What are the major competition/anti-trust issues generated by the growth of online sales platforms, and how should they be resolved ?"

International Rapporteur : Joao Marcelo de Lima Assafim (Brazil) - International Report and Resolutions  

Chairman : Jason Logendra (UK)

Question B : “To what extent do current exclusions and limitations to copyright strike a fair balance between the rights of owners and fair use by private individuals and others ?"  

International Rapporteur : Benoît Michaux (Belgium) - International Report and Resolutions 



National Rapporteurs - Rio Congress 2017


Instructions for publication
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National Rapporteurs - Question A

Australia :  Barbora Jedlickova
AustriaAstrid Ablasser - Gehrard Fussenegger
Belgium: Steffie  De Cock
Brazil : Pedro Paulo Salles Cristofaro
France : Linda Arcelin - Nizar Lajnef Florence Ninane - Pascal Wilhelm
Germany: Thomas Hoeren
Hungary :  Álmos Papp -  András Horváth
Italy:  Francesca La Rocca
Luxemburg : Gabriel Bleser
Spain : Manuel Canadas
SwedenRobert Molden - Henrik Nilsson - Dagne Sabockis
SwitzerlandAnnemarie Streuli
UKVineet Budhiraja

National Rapporteurs - Question B

Austria : Valérie Eder
Belgium : Manon Knockaert
Brazil : Felipe Barros Oquendo
Czech Republic : Radka MacGregor
France : Martina Isola - Guillaume Couet
GermanyThomas Hoeren
Hungary Zofia Lendvai
Italy : Marco Francetti 
Pologne Aleksandra Wedrychowska
Romania: Paul Buta
Switzerland : Sevan Antreasyan
UK Eleonora Rosati





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