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National Groups are invited to inform the webmaster and the secretariat on their national seminars, conferences or other events.  

The information may be submitted to all the members of the LIDC.

Austrian programme 2015


The LIDC hold a lunchtime webinar on Thursday 23 November that was held jointly with the Competition Law Association (CLA) and the Association Française d'Etude de la Concurrence (AFEC). 
Michael Cousin, Simon Genevaz and Colin Raftery, moderated by Pranvera Këllezi have kindly agreed to speak on : "Merger Control Regulation Hot Topics" 
 Among the topics that have been discussed : 
   • Online environment – impact on merger control assessment;
   • Risks of not notifying a transaction: gun jumping (France) and voluntary regime (UK)
The summary note for the webinar has been uploaded on the CLA website:
The LIDC hold a second part of the lunchtime webinar on Thursday 8 February. 
 The topic for this discussion was : "merger control in a digital environment" and covered recent case law in the UK, France and in the EU. 

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