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International Associations

International Competition Network (ICN) 
The ICN is unique as it is the only international body devoted exclusively to competition law enforcement and its members represent national and multinational competition authorities. 

European Communities Trademark Association is an association made up of individuals coming from industry and from private practice, who have common interests concerning the protection of trade marks and designs in the European Union. 

International Trademark Association is a not-for-profit membership association of more than 4500 trademark owners and professionals, from more than 180 countries, dedicated to the support and advancement of trademarks and related intellectual property as elements of fair and effective national and international commerce. 

Licensing Executive Society International is an association of 30 national and regional organizations, each composed of individual members who are engaged in the profession of licensing and other aspects of transferring or profiting from intellectual property. 

Association Litteraire et Artistique Internationale est un groupement indépendant, dépositaire des principes assurant la protection des auteurs et, par-là même, le rayonnement de la création, l'ALAI jouit d'une autorité officiellement reconnue. 

International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property is an international organization dedicated to the development and improvement of intellectual property. It operates by concluding studies of existing national laws and proposes measures to achieve harmonisation of these laws on an international bases. 

American Antitrust Institute 
The AAI is an independent Washington-based non-profit education, research and advocacy organization. This website is intended to provide useful information about antitrust to journalists and academic researchers, to lawyers, economists, business people, government officials, and others having professional interests in antitrust, and to the general public.

Non European Union National Competition Authorities
Contact list of the non EU NCA's : list

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