Become a LIDC Member


If a National Group exists in your country, please contact the existing national Secretariat. It will provide you all information to join the group.

To become member of the LIDC and according to the LIDC statutes : 

The Board of Council of the LIDC ultimately decides on request for member admission to the Ligue on the part of a new National Group. Such request must be made in writing by the candidate Group accompanied by a copy of its constitutional documents or statutes, a declaration that the group will adhere to the Statutes of the Ligue and to all decisions of the Ligue made in accordance with them, and a commitment not to apply to any candidates for admission to membership of the National Group any form of discrimination, whether professional, racial, political, religious or philosophical. 

To be admissible, the request must be submitted from a group comprising of at least 10 members.


As Individual Member by exception (IM)


If there is no National Group in your country,  you can join the LIDC as individual member. Please  complete the registration form and the registration fee (75 Swiss Francs per year)  and send them to the  Secretariat.

The Secretariat will confirm your membership and acknowledge receipt of your payment. You will then be uploaded in the LIDC database and you will receive all information about the LIDC.

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